Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog…it will be under construction for a while.  Hang in there with me…

It will be worth it. I promise!


>Things I love…

>Pretty much…I can’t believe its Thursday already. I was pretty grumpy at the beginning of the week. Not only did I not feel Like blogging…I didn’t feel like even opening up my google reader either. My mood is much better now. I have even caught up on ALL my blog reading…and that is saying something!!! These are some pretty random things I loved this week. Hope you love them too!

Love this barrel planter over on Design Sponge…

I am so making this little pencil/ric rac ditty for one of the kiddos parties this year…It is from a super hero themed wedding over here…It pretty much rocks!

I totally dig these “Links of Love” instead of a guest book…check it out here…

These napkin holders would brighten even the most foul mood! found here…

Someone…please do this cake stand!!! Wait…maybe I will!!! found here

What a fun idea!!! I found it over here…

In other news…spin was awesome. My legs were on fire. Tonight I did a rad kickboxing class. Like I said, it was rad. I am hooked. My left hand is still shaking, makes typing pretty interesting, but…that means it was beyond awesome!!!

>8 Weeks…personal style


Sorry for the non-blogging…I have a lot on my mind.
It makes me not want to blog.
I will try to be better:)
In the meantime here is this weeks
8 week topic.

If you haven’t been reading along…you should. Catch up over here

This week Personal Style is being discussed…Read the post here

I love the guest blogger this week! I actually follow her! Yay for me!

A good friend suggested her blog to me and I have not been disappointed!

Read her blog over here…You will fall in love with her!

1. Go through that blasted closet of mine. Toss the junk.

2. Make a list of the stuff I need…so I don’t buy junk when I am shopping for clothes…Even if its three dollars on the clearance rack.

3. Try to be the slightest bit adventurous when considering my wardrobe this week. I’m in a serious rut. I need to Un-rut myself!!!

Can you tell I’m a bit cranky?

I think an early bedtime is in order.

Spin class is tomorrow…I’m pretty stoked

to try it out. It’ll be my first time…ever. Eeek!!!

Sleep well peeps!

>Home Sweet Home


Yep, its that time again. Time to read this post. Over here.

In case you aren’t reading that fantastic blog…this week, the topic is Home Sweet Home. It’s all about making your home a wonderful place to live. Mandi is the contributor this week. You can read her blog over here…

She has three great tips for making your home a wonderful place to live…

1.Don’t buy or keep anything you don’t love.

2. Start small.

3. Don’t neglect function.

You really should read her full post…C’mon…You know you want to! Just click here!

1. Those blasted junk drawers. I need to go through those things. I think there is a
cupboard or two that could use my attention too…

2. Shampoo the carpets. Yes, I know, that really isn’t decor related…but, if I feel they are dirty…it makes my home feel un-wonderful.

3. Paint “that” wall in the living room. It makes me cringe every time I look at it!

So, tell me, what are your goals this week?

>Tornado Warning: What to eat when…


…you might blow away.

Apparently Northern California has been

transported to some other longitude/latitude.

One that harbors nasty weather patterns who seek out

and destroy trusting Californian towns.

Ok, I jest. But honestly, What is going on here???

See that picture of dinner? I was so preoccupied with the

weather report, that I over cooked both the stew and the pop overs.

Regardless, they were still beyond tasty and quite the Super Mom

hit! And while I know that our “tornadoes” are by no stretch of the

imagination anything close to what the Midwest has been experiencing…

That was a bit FREAKY!

People of the Midwest…you have my heartfelt condolences

and vote as some of the bravest people on this planet.

Hang in there…we are rooting for you!

>C’mon baby light my fire!


Sorry for the super cheesy title…But I am just a bit excited…
Remember that goal I posted about my PC???
Well…somehow I got it running again!
I had to delete pretty much everything
including photo shop…boo!!!

But at least now I can get the pictures off my

camera and play “I’m a big bad blogger lady”

So, I am one of those crazy people that

uses or tries to use every last drop of something.
I have been known to cut open lotion containers…
add water to shampoo and conditioner to ensure they
are sufficiently used up and save my “candles in a jar”
for the purpose of melting the extra wax for a brand “new”
A couple weeks ago, it was raining (I know, shocker.)…
I was bored…and wanted to light lots of candles.
I found a few “used up” jars and decided to
make some new candles.
Here is what I did…

I put the “candle jar” in a pot on the stove…

in about an inch of water, and turned on the heat.

While my wax was melting away..

I readied my container…
I just love mason jars. They are

so very useful…and built for heat.

Once my was was melted I pored it into the waiting

mason jar…

While the first batch of wax set up, I started

melting the second jar of left over wax…

I melted some leftover wax from a freestanding

candle too. It was white…

Aren’t they pretty?

I got a little carried away adding text to the pictures..

I might avoid that next time.

Now. Should you choose to attempt this fun little project,

Please take the proper safety precautions.

Have at least a potholder handy…safety glasses if you think

they might be necessary…and even a fire extinguisher if you are

pyrotechnically inclined.

Be careful!!! You are messing with hot stuff!!!

If you burn your fingers…or your house

to the ground…I will totally say “I told you so”!

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>Tuesday…or is it Monday…or is it Tuesday????

>Well, this day is odd. It’s a Monday disguised as a Tuesday…or something like that.
We had super busy weekend…

Friday was super exciting! My friends Billy and Tiffany opened
their graphic design studio. Yay! It was so fun!!!! I didn’t take any
pictures…of course. But I did make some super-duper tasty
Jello Bytes. They were a huge hit. Almost as huge as the new studio!!
Check out Different by Design. They are awesome!!!

Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends…it was supposed
to be swimming weather, yeah…not so much! The kiddos
spent the afternoon in the hot tub…while it rained. They
loved it!

Sunday was an easy day…I went to a Friends house warming
shindig. Her house is so cute! I love it. I got to hang out with some
old pals I haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice to catch up:)

Yesterday I slept in way too late ( thanks babe…I guess I needed it)…
but ended up getting a lot accomplished. More on that later:)

So…it’s a little late but this weeks “8 weeks” topic is
Loving life and Having Fun. The guest blogger is Lauen of Busy Bee.
She is super cute and real. I love real. You should check out her blog…
And Sometimes Sweet too. They are super rad. Super!

So my first goal is the most important for me…

Not saying anything negative about ANYONE for a week. Yikes!!! Not that I am an overwhelmingly negative person, but I can smack
talk with the best of them. So, gotta cut it out!

Number Two…

Get the darn PC fixed up so I can post pictures…I feel like I can’t take picture when I don’t have anywhere to put them.

Number Three…

I gotta go through my clothes. Never did that last week. Super need to get on it!!!

K…gots to get moving. It’s cold, and if I don’t get going I might freeze to my chair. Where o where
is my California weather???