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Revisiting old fun


The other day the voices in my head and I were having a heart to heart about the things we enjoyed doing in the past that somehow faded out of our life. (ok that’s just creepy… No more referring to myself as a Plural) I thought maybe it was time to reincorporated all
These fun tidbits into my everyday life. So last night I pulled out the old sketch book. Nothing profound happened… But I did draw up some nonsense. I’ll have to do that more often.


Yo! Mission accplished!





Some projects…

…I would like to try. This is my “sorta to do” list…Enjoy!

I want to make these with the kiddos…Found here…

I’ve been thinking about making one of these for a while…I have a couple of dresses that somehow keep getting shorter! There is a great how to over here…

This dress looks so easy…and fast! I cant wait to try it. Now…go here to get the deets!

I have a ton of old glass containers. And we could use some self-sufficient greenery in the house. I am totally following this how to!!!

What do you think? Did you try any? Whats your favorite tutorial?

Baby Belly…

Love this for a maternity shoot….Almost makes me wanna get knocked up again…Almost. Check out the full post here…

Red, white and blue food…Part one

Here it is…the fantasticness that I have been talking about ALL day…
Grilled Chicken
Mango Salsa
and Sister Salad

You may now applaud.

It was a huge hit. The Mann liked it. I liked it. The kiddos liked it.
Major success! Whaaaaawhooooo!!!!

Just look at that juicy mango…the sweet red pepperspicy jalapeno!!! Oh my!
I didn’t use a recipe. I made it up after looking around the food web.

Ripe Mango- I used about eight
Red Pepper- two nice big daddies
Red onion- About a quarter thinly sliced and then CHOPPED!
Jalapeno- Half. Finely chopped. Don’t want the kiddies to burn the little mouths.
Cilantro- About one tablespoon(or to taste). Again, finely chopped.
Lime juice- A nice splash will do.

That is it. I didn’t add anything else. It was yummy!!!!
Another option is to add Avocado. I am going to try that with my leftovers.
Yes, they are my leftovers. I may or may not share. We will see.

And then the Sister Salad….It is a secret family recipe…I could tell you but…
well, you know the rest;)

Oh…get inspired!

Here is some loveliness from my blog universe this week…Enjoy!

In honor of the Fourth of July…I love this wedding shoot. I mean really. Who wouldn’t!

I also LOVE this wedding! Check out the Mason Jar candles. One of my favorite things

Speaking of vintage….I am having a love affair with this ring. Someone tell the Mann!!! STAT!

And now for a bit of my love affair with burlap…and white. Perfection!

How about this beach proposal? Darling!!!

Thanks to this little inspiration I now want desperately to have a summer social. Complete with tissue paper fringe, cupcake garland and paper bunting. Oh…and ice cream. YUM!

I want this inspiration board to be a place. And I want to go to there. And get lost. For a long time….

What a sweet piece from this wedding shoot…Kinda wanna go to there too:)

Sorry for the absent blogger right now. I have been kicking my…(ahem) “tail” at the gym. Its kinda killed my creativity. I’ve decided to change some stuff. Like my name. Well, the Blog name. And move it. Soooooo….stay tuned for “newness”

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog…it will be under construction for a while.  Hang in there with me…

It will be worth it. I promise!