Red, white and blue food…Part one

Here it is…the fantasticness that I have been talking about ALL day…
Grilled Chicken
Mango Salsa
and Sister Salad

You may now applaud.

It was a huge hit. The Mann liked it. I liked it. The kiddos liked it.
Major success! Whaaaaawhooooo!!!!

Just look at that juicy mango…the sweet red pepperspicy jalapeno!!! Oh my!
I didn’t use a recipe. I made it up after looking around the food web.

Ripe Mango- I used about eight
Red Pepper- two nice big daddies
Red onion- About a quarter thinly sliced and then CHOPPED!
Jalapeno- Half. Finely chopped. Don’t want the kiddies to burn the little mouths.
Cilantro- About one tablespoon(or to taste). Again, finely chopped.
Lime juice- A nice splash will do.

That is it. I didn’t add anything else. It was yummy!!!!
Another option is to add Avocado. I am going to try that with my leftovers.
Yes, they are my leftovers. I may or may not share. We will see.

And then the Sister Salad….It is a secret family recipe…I could tell you but…
well, you know the rest;)


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