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a little more sweetness…

I love that line…it is at the end of every post from one of my favorite blogs
kiss the groom So i borrowed it…just for today:)

I love this banner. Wish I had come across this post sooner…I would totally make it! Maybe I will, for next year. Super duper ahead of time!

And this is what next years party would look like…Don’t you love it. There’s much more over here…

This wedding idea is beauteous. And perfect for our red white and blue weekend! Lots more fun over here…

And here are my sweetnesses…eating some tasty water melon after swimming this weekend…I think they are pretty darn amazing.

Miss Amelia

Sir Shane

and… Miss Ayla


Red, white and blue food…Part one

Here it is…the fantasticness that I have been talking about ALL day…
Grilled Chicken
Mango Salsa
and Sister Salad

You may now applaud.

It was a huge hit. The Mann liked it. I liked it. The kiddos liked it.
Major success! Whaaaaawhooooo!!!!

Just look at that juicy mango…the sweet red pepperspicy jalapeno!!! Oh my!
I didn’t use a recipe. I made it up after looking around the food web.

Ripe Mango- I used about eight
Red Pepper- two nice big daddies
Red onion- About a quarter thinly sliced and then CHOPPED!
Jalapeno- Half. Finely chopped. Don’t want the kiddies to burn the little mouths.
Cilantro- About one tablespoon(or to taste). Again, finely chopped.
Lime juice- A nice splash will do.

That is it. I didn’t add anything else. It was yummy!!!!
Another option is to add Avocado. I am going to try that with my leftovers.
Yes, they are my leftovers. I may or may not share. We will see.

And then the Sister Salad….It is a secret family recipe…I could tell you but…
well, you know the rest;)