>8 Weeks…personal style


Sorry for the non-blogging…I have a lot on my mind.
It makes me not want to blog.
I will try to be better:)
In the meantime here is this weeks
8 week topic.

If you haven’t been reading along…you should. Catch up over here

This week Personal Style is being discussed…Read the post here

I love the guest blogger this week! I actually follow her! Yay for me!

A good friend suggested her blog to me and I have not been disappointed!

Read her blog over here…You will fall in love with her!

1. Go through that blasted closet of mine. Toss the junk.

2. Make a list of the stuff I need…so I don’t buy junk when I am shopping for clothes…Even if its three dollars on the clearance rack.

3. Try to be the slightest bit adventurous when considering my wardrobe this week. I’m in a serious rut. I need to Un-rut myself!!!

Can you tell I’m a bit cranky?

I think an early bedtime is in order.

Spin class is tomorrow…I’m pretty stoked

to try it out. It’ll be my first time…ever. Eeek!!!

Sleep well peeps!


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