>C’mon baby light my fire!


Sorry for the super cheesy title…But I am just a bit excited…
Remember that goal I posted about my PC???
Well…somehow I got it running again!
I had to delete pretty much everything
including photo shop…boo!!!

But at least now I can get the pictures off my

camera and play “I’m a big bad blogger lady”

So, I am one of those crazy people that

uses or tries to use every last drop of something.
I have been known to cut open lotion containers…
add water to shampoo and conditioner to ensure they
are sufficiently used up and save my “candles in a jar”
for the purpose of melting the extra wax for a brand “new”
A couple weeks ago, it was raining (I know, shocker.)…
I was bored…and wanted to light lots of candles.
I found a few “used up” jars and decided to
make some new candles.
Here is what I did…

I put the “candle jar” in a pot on the stove…

in about an inch of water, and turned on the heat.

While my wax was melting away..

I readied my container…
I just love mason jars. They are

so very useful…and built for heat.

Once my was was melted I pored it into the waiting

mason jar…

While the first batch of wax set up, I started

melting the second jar of left over wax…

I melted some leftover wax from a freestanding

candle too. It was white…

Aren’t they pretty?

I got a little carried away adding text to the pictures..

I might avoid that next time.

Now. Should you choose to attempt this fun little project,

Please take the proper safety precautions.

Have at least a potholder handy…safety glasses if you think

they might be necessary…and even a fire extinguisher if you are

pyrotechnically inclined.

Be careful!!! You are messing with hot stuff!!!

If you burn your fingers…or your house

to the ground…I will totally say “I told you so”!

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