>So…happy Monday. We had a superstore busy weekend…but I have no idea what we did.

Because it’s Monday, we are visiting the “Eight Weeks to a better Me” topic. This week the topic is…Loving Yourself.
You can read the post here
To be completely honest… This is a tough one for me. Really tough. Right now I’m now very happy with “me”. My silly body really isn’t
cooperating with me these days…and I have way too many insecurities. I was totally hiding from my blog today so I didn’t have to
write about this. Boo! Now, this doesn’t mean I hate me…I’m just seriously irked at this point. But hey…I’m working on it!
Read the post. It’s good. Really. Read it!

I didn’t do too well with my goals for last week…
I’m NOT good at breakfast. This is my breakfast this morning.
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon ( from last nights dinner), basil, spinach and arugula. It was yum.

I cut down on my coffee sugar. But then I ate the kids Easter candy. Ugh! And the veggies didn’t happen at all.
If at fist you don’t succeed…try, try again…trying again this week! I need to drink more water too…I just can’t seem
to get behind the whole water drinking thing. I still don’t like it. Even with limes, or cucumber… Bleck!

For my goals, I am totally stealing points from the post. Totally stealing.

1. Find something that makes you feel good! ( This is one of the reasons I blog…)
2. For every negative thought you think about yourself, think a positive one! ( that’s a toughie!!!)
3. Take inventory of your closet! ( I need to inventory my closet, dresser and a big tub in the garage. And then get rid of the “bad” clothes)

I’d love to hear your input on this subject. You can post a comment below. You just need a Google account.
And I’d super love to have you follow my blog. It will make me smile. I love smiling!!!!

Have a good night! Hubs and I are catching up on Criminal Minds episodes! Yikes!!!


One response to “>Love…

  • Amber

    >I used to have really bad self esteem, and…I don't anymore. Like, it was really bad for a while, I was just down on myself and insecure about everything and unhappy all the time.I rarely think negative things about myself anymore. I wish I had advice to offer you as to how I came out of it, but I honestly am not sure. I think I read a lot of different things, and worked really hard to have a different perspective on life. Also, I put a lot less emphasis into material things (not saying that you do that now), like shopping and face wash and makeup and put all that energy into doing actual physical things that made me happy. Have you read "the power of positive thinking?" Or, have you read "The Secret" ? Both are really good. Also, I stopped reading beauty magazines, started singing really loudly in the shower. My advice for drinking water is to ALWAYS carry it with you. Those helped, lol! Just fill up a nalgene bottle and keep it right glued to your hand. It's the only way! Sorry to be weird and junking up your comments. Good luck 🙂

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