>…of a somewhat sane Mommy.

You know the days where you know what you want to say, but
Can’t seem to find the words? That’s my day today.

I don’t think I realized just how wonderful my mom is until I became a
mother. I mean I always knew she was amazing. She has been my hero for
quite sometime, for so many reasons. I will never forget a certain daughter
yelling that she hated her. My mother quietly turned away, went to her room,
picked up her Bible a just read. I’m sure she was reading something along the lines of…
” Thou shall not murder your teenage daughter…even if she deserves it!!”

This week we started trying something new. We are all sitting at the table for dinner.
Shocking right? When the big kids were babies…The hubby and I would give the kiddos
dinner in the kitchen…in their high chairs. We would feed them, bathe them and put them to bed.
Then we would clean up and eat…together in the living room.
That has been our routine ever since. Then we started fighting meal time and bad manners.
My very wise mommy suggested eating as a family. So far it is working wonders. Mommies
Are so smart. I hope someday to be a smart as my Mommy.

Last night Shane was finishing up a little project for school. He got carried away with
the scissors. Some of the project got cut away…tragedy. I could hear how upset he was from
the other room. I knew what happened before he told me. So…I put his mind at ease. Sent him to bed.
Glued everything to a new piece of paper and cut it out. This morning I was his hero. This
afternoon…I am sure I will be his nemisis. Sometimes that’s how it is…

I have been reminded daily how quickly my kiddos are growing up.
Today I had one of those moments where I saw into the future…

I was in the living room with the Itty bitty…she was busy watching a show
I asked “where’s my Itty bitty?” She looked at me and smiled. Not just a
Baby smile, one of those grown up smiles that start creeping in at this age.
I could almost hear her tell me she didn’t have time for my little games.
I felt my heart rip out of my chest…why do they grow up so fast?
I really did think she would stay little for a bit longer.

I hope my disjointed post didn’t drive you crazy… My brain seems to be on
some type of unexpected hiatus. I would love to know how you hold on to
every precious little moments with your Littles…

What works for your family to make those difficult times of day, less difficult?


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