>Run, runng, ran…


So…I did it. I ran my first official run. I did pretty good…I let myself get super nervous and worked up..
So I almost puked my guts out. Then I decided to stop being a giant baby and get my butt in gear.
I have no idea how long it took me…but, whew! It exhausted me! Here’s a little after picture.
I had to shower with my clothes on…I was totally caked in mud. I had mud in my ears.
Can’t wait for the next one!

After my mud run…we got ready to go watch one of my very best besties graduate from
Law School. I am beyond proud of her! I took pictures…but they are stuck on my camera…
Hopefully I can share them soon!

I did really good this week…I only messed up once. I’m gonna try to stick with last weeks goals…and add
three new goals this week. Yikes! Kidding…I know I can do it:)

1. Eat breakfast. I never do. I know I need to.
2. Cut down on the sugar intake. The major culprit is my coffee. I love the fancyshmancy creamer…and I love a LOT in my coffee.
3. Double my raw veggie intake. Veggies make my body happy.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

One response to “>Run, runng, ran…

  • andrea

    >Good for you Sarah!!!! You can do it! I want to start running but it always kills my back and gives me headaches. I have scoliosis. I wish I could! The mud run looks so fun! Keep it up!!!

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