>Sunny weather is project weather..


Man! What a beautiful day. I just wish rain wasn’t in the forecast for the weekend. Boo!

This weather makes me dream up home improvement projects. Yes… That
sound is my Hubs screaming in terror. Don’t worry babe…nothing too serious!
I have been threatening to knock down a wall…but I think I will save that
project for later. Right now the most pressing project is our “accent” wall
in the living room. We originally painted it a dark chocolaty brown. I liked
it for a while..but I feel like everything is dark in our house. Time to
lighten it up!!!! Anyway…we have tried a Mediterranean Blue. It was a giant nope!
Next up was a burnt yellowy orange. No number two. So, I decided to
paint it the same color as our dining room wall and the bottom half
of our kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait. I wanna do it now! But first
I have to prime…blah!

The other pressing matter is the wall above our couch. It’s huge.
And empty. I can hear it mocking me. I have some ideas…but Brad Pitt
was on tv this am…he was fly fishing. I got distracted. Sorry.

I will try to take pictures and share what we come up with.
As soon as I figure out why the PC crashed, or how to work the iPad
more efficiently. Good luck to me!

In the mean time…I am going to try to make these. But, on a smaller scale.
I have two lamps that need to be rewired and painted. We’ll see how
it turns out.

I LOVE these chandeliers. LOVE. I found this picture here…and started searching and searching….till I found a seller on etsy here...

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