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>Tuesday…or is it Monday…or is it Tuesday????

>Well, this day is odd. It’s a Monday disguised as a Tuesday…or something like that.
We had super busy weekend…

Friday was super exciting! My friends Billy and Tiffany opened
their graphic design studio. Yay! It was so fun!!!! I didn’t take any
pictures…of course. But I did make some super-duper tasty
Jello Bytes. They were a huge hit. Almost as huge as the new studio!!
Check out Different by Design. They are awesome!!!

Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends…it was supposed
to be swimming weather, yeah…not so much! The kiddos
spent the afternoon in the hot tub…while it rained. They
loved it!

Sunday was an easy day…I went to a Friends house warming
shindig. Her house is so cute! I love it. I got to hang out with some
old pals I haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice to catch up:)

Yesterday I slept in way too late ( thanks babe…I guess I needed it)…
but ended up getting a lot accomplished. More on that later:)

So…it’s a little late but this weeks “8 weeks” topic is
Loving life and Having Fun. The guest blogger is Lauen of Busy Bee.
She is super cute and real. I love real. You should check out her blog…
And Sometimes Sweet too. They are super rad. Super!

So my first goal is the most important for me…

Not saying anything negative about ANYONE for a week. Yikes!!! Not that I am an overwhelmingly negative person, but I can smack
talk with the best of them. So, gotta cut it out!

Number Two…

Get the darn PC fixed up so I can post pictures…I feel like I can’t take picture when I don’t have anywhere to put them.

Number Three…

I gotta go through my clothes. Never did that last week. Super need to get on it!!!

K…gots to get moving. It’s cold, and if I don’t get going I might freeze to my chair. Where o where
is my California weather???


>Rain, rain…rain

>Breaking news….it’s raining again!!!!
Let me tell you, this weather is seriously bumming me out!!!
I think it might be sapping all my creative juices too…

That being said, I feel like we need more “green” in our little
lair. These seem like a good idea. Maybe little fingers won’t be able to
rip off leaves. ( big fingers crossed) And, BONUS!!! I have the perfect
container! Nothing too fancy…but at least I won’t need to buy
something new. Yay!! Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday.

Found these here…with directions on how to do it yourself.

I love these. They would perfect for a ceterpiece…find them here...


>So…happy Monday. We had a superstore busy weekend…but I have no idea what we did.

Because it’s Monday, we are visiting the “Eight Weeks to a better Me” topic. This week the topic is…Loving Yourself.
You can read the post here
To be completely honest… This is a tough one for me. Really tough. Right now I’m now very happy with “me”. My silly body really isn’t
cooperating with me these days…and I have way too many insecurities. I was totally hiding from my blog today so I didn’t have to
write about this. Boo! Now, this doesn’t mean I hate me…I’m just seriously irked at this point. But hey…I’m working on it!
Read the post. It’s good. Really. Read it!

I didn’t do too well with my goals for last week…
I’m NOT good at breakfast. This is my breakfast this morning.
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon ( from last nights dinner), basil, spinach and arugula. It was yum.

I cut down on my coffee sugar. But then I ate the kids Easter candy. Ugh! And the veggies didn’t happen at all.
If at fist you don’t succeed…try, try again…trying again this week! I need to drink more water too…I just can’t seem
to get behind the whole water drinking thing. I still don’t like it. Even with limes, or cucumber… Bleck!

For my goals, I am totally stealing points from the post. Totally stealing.

1. Find something that makes you feel good! ( This is one of the reasons I blog…)
2. For every negative thought you think about yourself, think a positive one! ( that’s a toughie!!!)
3. Take inventory of your closet! ( I need to inventory my closet, dresser and a big tub in the garage. And then get rid of the “bad” clothes)

I’d love to hear your input on this subject. You can post a comment below. You just need a Google account.
And I’d super love to have you follow my blog. It will make me smile. I love smiling!!!!

Have a good night! Hubs and I are catching up on Criminal Minds episodes! Yikes!!!


>…of a somewhat sane Mommy.

You know the days where you know what you want to say, but
Can’t seem to find the words? That’s my day today.

I don’t think I realized just how wonderful my mom is until I became a
mother. I mean I always knew she was amazing. She has been my hero for
quite sometime, for so many reasons. I will never forget a certain daughter
yelling that she hated her. My mother quietly turned away, went to her room,
picked up her Bible a just read. I’m sure she was reading something along the lines of…
” Thou shall not murder your teenage daughter…even if she deserves it!!”

This week we started trying something new. We are all sitting at the table for dinner.
Shocking right? When the big kids were babies…The hubby and I would give the kiddos
dinner in the kitchen…in their high chairs. We would feed them, bathe them and put them to bed.
Then we would clean up and eat…together in the living room.
That has been our routine ever since. Then we started fighting meal time and bad manners.
My very wise mommy suggested eating as a family. So far it is working wonders. Mommies
Are so smart. I hope someday to be a smart as my Mommy.

Last night Shane was finishing up a little project for school. He got carried away with
the scissors. Some of the project got cut away…tragedy. I could hear how upset he was from
the other room. I knew what happened before he told me. So…I put his mind at ease. Sent him to bed.
Glued everything to a new piece of paper and cut it out. This morning I was his hero. This
afternoon…I am sure I will be his nemisis. Sometimes that’s how it is…

I have been reminded daily how quickly my kiddos are growing up.
Today I had one of those moments where I saw into the future…

I was in the living room with the Itty bitty…she was busy watching a show
I asked “where’s my Itty bitty?” She looked at me and smiled. Not just a
Baby smile, one of those grown up smiles that start creeping in at this age.
I could almost hear her tell me she didn’t have time for my little games.
I felt my heart rip out of my chest…why do they grow up so fast?
I really did think she would stay little for a bit longer.

I hope my disjointed post didn’t drive you crazy… My brain seems to be on
some type of unexpected hiatus. I would love to know how you hold on to
every precious little moments with your Littles…

What works for your family to make those difficult times of day, less difficult?


>Whew! So glad its Wednesday! Yesterday was quite productive. I worked on about five different projects…
Finished two sewing projects and once again cooked dinner. I am starting to feel super 1940’s domesticated.

Ok..maybe I should explain… Hubby went to culinary school. He loves to cook…and is a super awesome chef.
Unfortunately, our little town does not have very many cheferly opportunities. And because of this,
Hubby doesn’t work in his dream job. His job is very un fun. But… Hubby usually cooks dinner for our
Little family. This time of year, his job gets even harder than usual. I thought I would be super sweet and take over the
cooking obligations. Hence my current feelings of extra domesticity.

One of the sewing projects I finished was this one.

It is, of course, pillow. I saw it here…there is a tutorial. I would just like to warn you…this pillow takes FOREVER! But it is SO worth it!
I love the finished product. LOVE! I might even make more. Like I said…it’s totally worth the time!

And this is what I made for dinner…we had a spiral sliced ham for dinner on Monday…this was me using left overs!!!
Yay me!

I soaked the beans ( navy) for a couple hours in the morning…rinsed them and added fresh water, the ham hock ( I shaved off the extra hangers on of meat, and cut it into bite size pieces too) three bay leaves, A bit of thyme and rosemary. No salt! There was plenty in the ham. Then I let it gently simmer for four and a half hours. Yum! It is not often that any bean dish gets a thumbs up all around the table. Apparently we are adding it to our list of menu items! Yay for me!

I also made Artichoke and Basil Bruschetta…I found the recipe at Shutterbean…check it out. There are tasty things afoot! I am going to try the Coconut Waffles this weekend. Can’t wait!

Ps…I apologize for the terrible pictures. Hubby was sweet enough to let me use his phone for pictures…not very pretty, but at least
I can show you what I was working on:)

>Why I run…

>Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday I showed you a lovely picture of me…all covered in mud.
It was kind a really huge deal for me. Wanna know why?
Yep….I’m about to tell you why…brace yourself!!!

So…I danced when I was little. I danced and I loved it.
I had the best teachers. I started with tap…then I quit and moved
to ballet…there was one little problem. My knees were KILLING me!
So then I quit. No good. I was sad. They just kept hurting…nothing really
helped. Doc said I would grow out of it. I didn’t…I started swimming and that wasn’t
too bad. But still there was no running. Because…ouch! All the time!
I just figured I wasn’t made for running…it became my mantra…
“you’re not a runner…you’re not a runner”

I don’t know what changed, but one day I decided I wasn’t
going to let my body tell me what my limitations were anymore.
So I started running…on our treadmill. I think I started the year
after Shane was born. He will be eight this year. I wouldn’t
even run outside…I had visions of Phoebe from friends
running through Central Park…arms waving wildly…gulp!
Last year a great group of gals asked if I would like to join them…
They ran in the wee hours of the morning…when its dark, and nobody can really see you!
I was ridiculous. Could barely make it 100 feet! I would get so frustrated.
When oh when would I be able to run a mile???
One day it finally just clicked. I’m still super slow. But I can do it! Yay!
So thats why I was so nervous about the run. I really didn’t want to fail. sweet little girl was there watching me. I think that was even more scary.
I really wanted to impress her. I know…I’m ridiculous. She though it was
so funny that I was gonna be tromping through the mud…rolling around in the mud.
Fully submerged in muddy, dirty, nastiness. She was literally dancing around the house
that morning! She used my phone to video me…and I loved seeing her there on the sidelines:)
“Mom, that was awesome!” followed by “Thank you SO much for letting me watch you!”
Yeah. It was pretty much epic. My mommy heart was full…super, super full!

On the running front…we are currently doing interval training…hopefully
I will improve my speed. (crossing fingers) Now I am stalking around
the web…looking for new runs to run. I really can’t wait. Really!

And then there is the mommy aside of things…it seems that I have regained my
coolness factor in my daughter’s eyes…for now.

>Run, runng, ran…


So…I did it. I ran my first official run. I did pretty good…I let myself get super nervous and worked up..
So I almost puked my guts out. Then I decided to stop being a giant baby and get my butt in gear.
I have no idea how long it took me…but, whew! It exhausted me! Here’s a little after picture.
I had to shower with my clothes on…I was totally caked in mud. I had mud in my ears.
Can’t wait for the next one!

After my mud run…we got ready to go watch one of my very best besties graduate from
Law School. I am beyond proud of her! I took pictures…but they are stuck on my camera…
Hopefully I can share them soon!

I did really good this week…I only messed up once. I’m gonna try to stick with last weeks goals…and add
three new goals this week. Yikes! Kidding…I know I can do it:)

1. Eat breakfast. I never do. I know I need to.
2. Cut down on the sugar intake. The major culprit is my coffee. I love the fancyshmancy creamer…and I love a LOT in my coffee.
3. Double my raw veggie intake. Veggies make my body happy.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!