Monthly Archives: February 2011

>My one sweet Daffodil


These little guys poke up every
single spring.
This is the first year that we have had a
It’s just one….
But at least she is here!

I am hoping it is a good sign

for what this year holds…We

sure could use a “good”


I’ve been doing some major

soul searching and goal revamping…

Stay tuned for the latest.


>Tuesday Morning…


This was my coffee this morning.
So very tasty.
The mug was a Birthday gift from my
Sweet friend Amy.
She rocks.

I had a wonderful Birthday.

I got to sleep in, the Hubby made

me a delectable omelet for breakfast,

we took the kiddos to the pet store and

almost came home with every animal in there…

Luckily we escaped with only four new fish.

Then the Hubby and I went to dinner

here in town. YUM!

It’s funny what makes you happy once you have kids.

Odd how a trip to the pet store can bring so much joy to two

grown ups. Seeing the sheer joy on the faces of the two older

ones, as they show the baby every little critter in there…and watching

the baby discover them. Priceless.

There is always a little unpleasantness on birthdays.

Like realizing just how much you haven’t accomplished

since the last birthday…Or just since the

beginning of the year. Ugh! time for a goal evaluation,

This may require a bit of “tweaking”.

Hope everyone is enjoying February.

Before you know it….it will be July!