Monthly Archives: January 2011

>I think I wanna get married…


Don’t worry…
The Mann I want to marry
put a ring on my hand almost
ten years ago.
But still…
I think I want to marry him again.
I kinda like him.

I like this dress.

Okay…I love it. I mean Polka dots and tulle???

I would die!

You can find more of these fantastic dresses here

And then there is this bouquet.
Succulents as a hair accessory?
Double sigh…
You can find more of this creatively beautiful wedding here
All of this creativity was found here
It is one of my favorite blogs. Ever.


>Super Special Things…Come in teenie tiny packages!


I had a fun little visit with a sweet friend

of mine last week…

She brought me the sweetest giftie.

Teenie tiny things.

I love teenie tiny things!

Here are some of them….

Here is her little man.

He slept on her lap while we visited.

I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture.

She brought me another little giftie for my hair.
The baby put it in a squirrel hole
When I find it…
I will share it:)
If you want to see some of her
Look here!

>Goals and junk….


Well…here we are the seventeenth day of January.

This year instead of making resolutions, I decided to

set goals.

For some reason this seems less scary and

more attainable.

This is me starting on my goals.

Seventeen days into the year.

Two of my goals should have started

On January 1st.

Oh well! Here we go….

One of my goals is to Blog at least once a week.

Another one is to do a 365 project.

My poor camera and I are strangers…

We desperately need to become reacquainted!

This is my first picture of my 365.

This moss is on my side fence. I look at it out my kitchen window….

As soon as the rain starts it turns a vibrant green. My

little sideyard brightspot in the dreary weather.

When the weather turns dry…It is suddenly brown and withered.

so very sad…but that is a story for another day.

My silly little collection of pictures will be here…Enjoy!