Monthly Archives: September 2010

>Little Gifties….


Here is a fun little giftie
that was in my mailbox

Found in this darling Etsy shop called…


My sweet, sweet friend Tiffany

sent it to me…

You should visit her blog…

Or her Hair Pretty page…

Or her and her hubby’s Different by Design page.

Or…all three!

Thank you Tiffany! LOVE IT!!!!


>Mommy’s heart….


After a long day of Baby needing Mommy SO much,
Mommy was happy that Baby was
quietly sleeping .
Then the sound from the bedroom that let
Mommy know her services
were required.
Mommy lifted Baby into her arms…
close to her heart.
Baby tucked her head under Mommy’s chin.
And sighed…
Mommy choked back tears.
Mommy knows that very soon
she will miss this.
Little hands.
Huge little smiles.
Little legs tucked under Baby’s bum…
Little Baby lump on Mommy’s chest.
Once again Baby is sleeping
quietly, knowing
Mommy is near.
And Mommy?
Her heart is full
and very grateful…
Not believing that soon
her Baby
will be

>Spicy and Sweet…..


Last night the Hubs and I….
Pickled Jalapenos!
This is our first pickling
In 30 days we will know
how well they
turned out…
The Jalapenos are fresh from
a local grower…
makes me feel all
organic and stuff…..
Let me tell you though…
Our house now smells like Jalapenos…
Last night it was super spicy
My poor eyes!
I found these yesterday.
They make me smile,
they were only a
think I
need more!

>A sweet treat for me….


This little sweetie is from Junghwa
by Amy Stewart
I follow her blog
and…stalk her etsy shop
She is a wife and Mommy to be…
And I think she rocks!
I can’t wait to order my next Junghwa piece!

>Scallywags…Hoodlums and such…


Because I am trying
to get back
into the blogging spirit…
Here is another pretty picture
The big kiddos are of course in school again….
Hence, they are missing from these
Photos…perhaps this
weekend we will take an adventure…
In other news, our puppy is home from the vet.
He is happy and on the mend.
Our little family has missed him…

>Searching for inspiration….


I promised to blog
I am
Busy taking pictures
of SassyPants Magoo…