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The Wheatfield on Etsy….

>Saturday Somethings….


I love these birds…
They want to come live at my house.
You can find these birdies at My Sparrow along with lots
of other cool stuff.

this ring, so simple…

Find it and many other fun pieces at Bittersweets. She is based out of New York. You should check her out!

>Things I’d love to copy….


I love this idea! I might have to steal it for something…

Find it here

This is an AMAZING piece by an amazing artist…She inspires me every time I look at her blog. I love all her links, If you want to be inspired…Find her here

>Happiness is…


This wreath makes me happy…right down to the scalloped edges of the ribbon.

And I really want this little box, just to have hanging out around my house so I can gaze upon it fondly….I don’t think I would ever open it.

And check out this Photographer…Simple and Beautiful!

>New Year…New Goals

>I can’t believe its been almost a year since my last post. So much has happened, just sharing all the details is a bit overwhelming. I guess there is just one MAJOR news story from 2009. It seems like it occupied most of our time and effort over the year…Yes, every other story pales in comparison to one. Last January we found out we were going to have another child added to our family. Surprise! On September 21st, Ayla Marie joined our crew. We all are totally and completely in love with her. She is such a sweet baby…Amelia and Shane are brilliant helpers. It is so much fun watching them get to know their little sister, and see how she responds to them.
So…I am going to try to keep up on my blog this year. I will probably rename it. As soon as I figure out what I want and need to accomplish this year, I will share and you all can follow along on my journey to get it done. Happy New Year all! I hope 2010 is filled with great adventures and lots of fun!