Monthly Archives: January 2009

>What dreams are made of….

>The beginning of a new year is a great time to examine what exactly you want out of life. For me this year is a double whammy. I have an epic number birthday approaching quicker that I’d like. The new year, and the stampeding approach of my birthday got me thinking. What do I REALLY want to do in this lifetime? What are my dreams, for me, not the family…me?

We all have dreams throughout our lives…I have had more than my share. There are a few that have been with me for as long as I can remember.

The first…To be an Olympic ice skater. This was a sure thing. I knew/know with out a doubt that the moment I set foot on the ice, magic would happen. Without any instruction I would glide, leap, spin with perfect technique. The world would be in awe that such perfection actually exists. Imagine, a thirty something mother of two, standing on that podium accepting a gold medal! Oh, the inspiration! Only one thing stands in my way….I have to actually get ON the ice someday…

The second dream you may think is a little more attainable…To write children’s books. Not having a television growing up, books were my entertainment. I love that simple words can take you on a journey to far off lands and open up whole new worlds to explore. I have even started writing a children’s book. It’s great. Full of fun and adventure, ready to inspire a whole new generation.

The third dream has been with me since before I can remember. I was taken on an adventure by images surrounded by a bright yellow rectangle…Transported to the Far East, Amazon jungles and my own backyard. Images, like words, can take you anywhere. One picture can tell an entire story. I can remember trying to commandeer my fathers equipment…begging for my own. I wanted to be a photographer. I would set up fantastic shots with my 310…Wait in breathless expectation for my film to be developed. Most of the time the pictures were terrible…On occasion an image would surface that would inspire me so much that I would rush out and buy endless roll of film to fill. I begged for a camera for years. My Dad had an ancient 35mm that I would use. I loved it! Finally, for my graduation, I got a camera. Oh the joy! Sheer happiness…It was only a point and shoot, but I loved it SO much! It was mine. I loved it and the camera loved me. We took terrific pictures together…But it wasn’t enough…I needed more. After Jason and I got married, I bought my 35mm Cannon. That is when the fun really started. It got kind of expensive…developing all that film. The day I discovered that it had been mysteriously broken…that was truly a dark day. It was Jason’s idea to make a major upgrade. He told me to follow my dream…start down the path. I guess I’ve always been on the path, I just needed to realize it.

So, here is one of the many pictures that inspired me. I remember the first time I saw this picture. I will never forget this girl….

I want to take pictures like Steve McCurry…Have you seen his stuff? It is amazing. This picture was the cover of National Geographic in June of 1985. I was six. Six.