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>GAS NOW $1.99! YES! YOU READ CORRECTLY! $1.99!!!! Amazing…



>I almost forgot…Last night, I paid $2.24 for gas! Yes it is true. Gas under $2.50! I did a dance. A small dance, but a dance none the less….Is is possible? Might we see gas under two dollars. I’m waiting with baited breath…



I don’t even have words….


>So I did It…
I grabbed the camera and the kiddos….Off we went.
The closer we got…the louder it was.
So glad we went…Kind of made me proud to be an American…Really proud. Thank you for our right to assemble.

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>Favorite Photos….

>These are my two favorite Photos.
I think the father was not happy I took his picture…Turned out great though!

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>Right Now i am listening to the Sikh parade and festival noises drifting into the window on a breeze. It sounds like a confusion scene from a movie…The room starts spinning, and unfamiliar sounds whirl around the subject until they burst through the bathroom doors and run pell-mell to the sink. Cold water on the face is the only cure for confusion scenes. If I was smart, I would be at the festival…taking some phenomenal pictures. I am not smart. I am sore from my morning run. It is REALLY loud this year. I wounder if they changed the parade route. I think they are marching around my house. I have always wanted to visit India. Today I am there!