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>Thought you should know…..



>Happy Birthday to my Babe…


Here is my babe. He turned 30 today.
That means…My countdown has begun.
Only a matter of months till I am
separated from my twenties FOREVER.
Back to my babe…Isn’t he handsome?
All studly in his thirties? Yep! I’m
a lucky gal…Here’s to you babe!
Happy Birthday to my love…



We went camping for the first time. Well…not including Mexico. It was such a great way to spend Labor Day. We had a blast! No major injuries…Shane was bit by meat bees. Once on the hand and once on the leg. Then he got got by some thing right next to his eye. His hand swelled up…His leg swelled up…And his eye swelled shut. Completely shut! I didn’t get a picture when it was full blown. I did get a picture a few days later. Crazy…we had fun though. I haven’t been that relaxed since forever. Jason and the guys caught 18 fish that weekend…We cooked them over the fire…Yum! Now I am craving fish…I guess its back to camping! Here are a few pictures…Enjoy!

>Camping pictures



>My Mom has a very good friend by the name of Cher. When I was young she lived close by and was at our house all the time. We thought of her as Aunt Cher. She would have me and my sister Laura over for sleep overs all the time. Here is the cool part. She danced when she was our age. She had tons of old dance costumes, AND an old spotlight. We would dress up and she would turn on the spotlight….The music would come on….we would whirl and twirl, jump, pose and prance. This would go on forever until we collapsed into giggling, sweating heaps of joy. I loved those times. I hold them SO dear, they are some of my most cherished memories. I promised myself that I would pass on the tradition. So I saved all my dance costumes….

Last night we had friends over. They have little girls. Out came my costumes. There was prancing and twirling, Ohs and Ahhs. My heart danced and pranced with them. How priceless! All I need is a spotlight….