Monthly Archives: April 2008

>Well, but upset….

>We are missing our kitty Candle….Both of our cats are indoor cats. Somehow she got out of the house….Dilly is REALLY traumatized! For some reason I have decided that if I stay up really late then the cat will miraculously turn up at the front door. I wonder how late I have to stay up….
I really hope she comes home soon…She is far to cute to be wandering the streets this late at night…and alone….with no street wandering experience!!!
I tried driving around to find her…That did not work! No sign of the cute kitty! I am sad. I hope she turns up…

On a very happy note….I get to see my bestest pal Liese and her hubby Danny on Thursday…I am so excited!!! I can’t wait! Oh, they are super amazing missionaries from the Ukraine…We haven’t seen them in FOREVER! By forever…I mean a little over a year…EXCITED!!!!!


>Medals of Honor for piles of puke….

>We have sick Kiddos in our house. It seams to be a 48 hour bug. Shane is feeling much better, however Amelia is now puking. Luckily she makes it to the bathroom almost every time. Shane was mostly stand up and puke. Have you ever noticed how far vomit can bounce? Especially off of vinyl flooring? Yuck! It also amazes me how the pukes come on in the middle of the night. Why is that? Here you are sleeping peacefully, all of a sudden you here a scream and then a splatter…Then crying…Your stomach turns over fifteen times. You know what THAT means!
Then your Stomach of Steele kicks in. You take care of business. Just when you think you can relax… it happens again. I got smart. There is a trail of towels to and from the bathroom…It seems to magically cut down on the “accidental pukes”.
Sometimes I wonder…Why did the Mommies get Stomachs of Steel? Why not Daddies?


>I don’t know if you know just how much I HATE spiders. THEY ARE CREEPY!!! Bunch of eight legged freaks crawling around, under things, up and down the walls. OH! Just the thought sends shivers up and down my spine! There was a huge on one the living room wall this morning. He wanted to eat me! He was watching me…following me around the room with his beady little eyes!(shivers again) I was Brave(shiver)….I wielded my weapon with masterful skill! The telescoping Dyson wand almost wasn’t long enough…Then it turns out the spider was some sort of he-man. The super suction powers of my vacuum were clearly not working on him. I repositioned myself…So did the spider. I am still not sure if I got him. He could still be running around my house. I don’t think I will sit on the couch for a few days…just in case(SHIVER). If I did get him…there is a chance he will regain his he-man spider powers. I can just picture next time I am vacuuming…Long spider legs reaching out of the top of the wand…Reaching towards ME!!!! (scream,shiver…then jump up and shake till all spiders that might be hiding on me are sure to fly off) Oy! I hate spiders!


>Easter was lots of fun….

Of course everyone LOVES pictures. I just can’t take enough…It does help that my subjects are so beautiful!