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>Don’t you love this spring weather? I do! It makes me SO happy! It is the hope of many more bright cheerful days ahead…The beauty of a fresh new year! You don’t get that feeling in January…New Years comes and goes, it will be frigid for weeks. But when those trees blossom and the sky turns blue…We are reminded that there is a reward for staying hopeful. Even if it is “just” better weather.

In other News…..

We had a second accident free day with the puppy.

We also turned in all our passport info for the youth mission trip to Mexico. We are going as a family….In June…To Ensenada! This should be VERY interesting!!!!!


>Puppy News….

>So we hit a tiny milestone yesterday…We had our first “accident free” day!!! So exciting! Never mind that the sliding door is always a tad open…Never mind the flying insects that traipse into our house uninhibited…We are one step closer to shampooing the nastiness out of our carpet!

Oh yes…Look who Lady loves…And to think, it was MY idea to rescue her!

This we also had her first round of shots…I can’t wait to bo able to run her! She has WAY to much energy…

>More weekend stuff….

>We also visited the park on Saturday…I love the sheer joy on their faces…Remember those days? You would spin and spin and spin until you felt like hurling…Then you’d step off and fall this way and that as the world spun and you stood still. I miss those days. The spiny thingy just doesn’t have the same results now as it did when I was younger…

>What a GREAT weekend…

> On Saturday Jason had to work so, The Kiddos and I went driving and picture taking. Its been a while since I took pics of both of them together. Off we went…

The first stop was this orchard I had my eye on for quite some time. The Kiddos were afraid of the farmer…They made sure not to touch any of his trees. It was such a beautiful day, The pink of the blossoms against the blue sky. Add my Kiddos to the mix and its the most beautiful sight ever!

They came up with these “poses” themselves….

The next stop was the Buttes…The Kiddos think that Ya Ya lives in the buttes. There was a tad bit of disappointment when they realized that The Buttes aren’t in Santa Rosa. They loved looking at the Cows, Horses and Sheep. It really got windy when we were out there…Oh, well we LOVE the wind…

>My Kids are Hilarious…

>There are days when I realize just how funny the kiddos are…Today was one of those days.

Amelia lost her fourth tooth…There was SO much drama. I had to pull it. The poor tooth was hanging by a thread, or nerve. Whatever it is that they hang by. So I pulled it. She was heartbroken! She is now So excited to be able stick her tongue through the giant gap. Of course she found this great talent just in time for school pictures. She couldn’t wait to tell me how fun it was to smile with her tongue sticking through her teeth!

Then there is Shane…This morning we were driving home from dropping Amelia off at school. Shane pointed out that the new “Up and Down Burger Store” was almost ready to open. They have REALLY yummy burgers at the “Up and Down Burger Store”. He was talking about In n Out Burger. I was Laughing so hard! I will be calling In n Out by Shane-O’s name. I took this pic at nap time. He was in bed like this when I came to tuck him in.

>Long overdue….


Wow…What a wild few months it has been! Our roof is finally fixed, Amelia is back in her room…All is calm. Then I get a wild hair and think…We need a puppy!. OK, this is the story…

Our pals the Byrnes found puppies in front of their house. Being the kind animal lovers that they are…They kept them safe till the owner came for them. The owner had recently lost his job and was planing on disposing of them in the river bottoms. I could not let that happen! I had to do my duty and rescue a sad, malnourished, homeless puppy! So I did. Much to the chagrin of my hubby. Don’t get me wrong Jason loves animals…Oddly enough I am more of an animal person than he is.

As you can see, She is darling! What a sweet girl! And she LOVES us…She just needs to be house trained, crate trained…Well, trained! I am in for it…I feel like I have a newborn again. A newborn that poops and pees in the house, stinks and chews on everything! This is going to take some getting used to!